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Taking Leaps Forward

December 29, 2016

Like everyone else, I am very much tired of 2016. It was a pretty difficult year in general. Many things that I had put time into were in a limbo of sorts, the world seemed like it was pretty chaotic, and I had some difficulties with my health.

I remember wishing a few years that our country would go through a new '60s. Of course, when I said that I was simply looking for music and art to be awesome and innovative again, not for the social turmoil and general unrest that led to so much of that artistic expression. However, I guess you probably can't have one without the other. So, here we are.

In Ghostwalk, we spent some time regrouping after the departure of our singer. We have spent this last year working on our next album. I've enjoyed this songwriting process. Every band does it differently, and it tends to be different on different albums. This album has been particularly fun to work on because it seems like every song has been written from a very subconscious level. No one has over-thought the music or tried to make it something that it isn't. There hasn't been this urgent need to fit it in some kind of box or mold. Instead, each song seems to have a living, breathing quality where it says exactly what it meant to say without being judged or altered. I feel like it's a giant leap forward.

In that spirit, I am hoping that this year of starting and stalling (and sometimes being stuck in the mud) leads to big changes in the future. I hope that all of this is in preparation for something better. I hope that we all take a giant leap forward.

We released this track on Christmas day as the symbolic transition between our two albums. Enjoy!

Posted by Lauren K. Jones.